About us

Live Soundtracks is an interdisciplinary project which explores the intersection between film and experimental music through live performances, screenings and workshops.

Since its inception, LST has acted as a link between artists working in musical, cinematographic and audiovisual environments. LST is series of events breaking away from the traditional format of the musical or cinematographic performance, so as to explore the intersection between visual arts, cinema and experimental music.

LST, in format and content, is one of its kind: a series of events to rediscover the beauty of live soundtracks, but also an agency and a festival made up of performances, workshops, talks and exhibits centered around the relationship between music and cinema.

Since 2007, LiveSoundtracks has promoted events around Barcelona and in other cities in Spain (Coruña - ExpoCoruña) and beyond (Germania: Colonia "C/O Pop festival, Italia: Bari - Expo del Levante, Bologna – roBOt Festival). LST has been converted into festival in April 2015 at Convent dels Àngels - MACBA Museum.