Cinematic Tales

27/10/2016 - 00:15

LiveSoundtracks y Short&Sweet unen fuerzas para el lanzamiento de un nuevo ciclo de eventos: Cinematic Tales.

Con Cinematic Tales, LST continúa con la exploración de nuevos conceptos y formatos para explorar las conexiones entre cine y música. Cinematic DJ Sets, proyecciones de cortometrajes y bandas sonoras en vivo a cargo de artistas invitados.

La peculiaridad será que los artistas invitados interpretarán música para una pieza cinematográfica la cual conocerán el mismo día, incentivando de esta forma su creatividad e interacción con las imágenes, que van a interpretar de una forma inmediata e instintiva. El público asistente tampoco conocerá cuáles son los artistas invitados hasta su llegada al evento.

El evento inaugural de Cinematic Tales tendrá lugar el Sábado 5 de Noviembre desde las 14:00h a las 20:00h en Wer-Haus. Los asistentes podrán vivir una tarde de música inspirada en el cine, proyecciones de cortometrajes y jam sessions audiovisuales.

Este primer evento del ciclo girará en torno al cine africano, con la proyección de un programa de películas dirigidas por autores africanos y un Cinematic DJ Set de afrobeat a cargo de la DJ argentina afincada en barcelona Sonido Tupinamba. Además, habrá comida especialmente elaborada para la ocasión. Para acabar la velada, alguno de los cortometrajes proyectados serán seleccionados y musicalizados en directo por los músicos que quieran sumarse a la jam sesión audiovisual dirigida por el equipo de Making Music in Silence.


14:00h - 16:30h: Cinematic Dj Set

16:30h - 18:00h: Proyecciones Cortometrajes

18:30h - 20:00h: Jam Session

Cinematic Tales es un ciclo de eventos producido por LiveSoundtracks y Short&Sweet en colaboración con Wer-Haus y Making Music in Silence.


LST presents Kangding Ray Private Session (Only Members) at Soho House Barcelona
17/01/2017 - 09:45

We are really happy to announce our first collaboration with Soho House Barcelona presenting the Raster Noton electronic producer Kangding Ray.

"Le Sang d’un Poète" (1930), an avant-garde film directed by Jean Cocteau, will screen along the performance.

Meet LST at Curtocircuito Film Festival (ES) and roBOt festival (IT)
05/10/2016 - 10:15

We are really happy to announce our first collaboration with Curtocircuíto International Film Festival and to be part of roBOt festival again.

Poetry in the Darkness closes this month with 3 events
07/05/2016 - 14:45

May 12: LST Cinematic DJ Set at Hotel Pulitzer

This time we move our Cinematic DJ Set to evening time (from 19:30 to 23:30) with sets from Sonido Tupinamba and Samei.

May 17: AGF plays "Poetess in the Darkness" (Sala Hiroshima)

For the last "Poetry in the darkness" event, AGF will be performing an special set inspired by pioneering women in film, featuring films from the likes of Maya Deren or Steina Vasulka.

May 28: Poetry in the Darkness: closing event at Fábrica Moritz

From 19:30 to 23:30, there will be a very special "Poetry in the Darkness" closing event at Fábrica Moritz, Barcelona. With live performances, DJ sets and more surprises to come.

International Call for Illustrators by LST & Sonigram
12/04/2016 - 11:45

We at Live SoundTracks are happy to introduce you to Sonigram - ( the application that lets you add music and sound to moving images to share with your friends.

To celebrate our collaboration we invite artists and graphic designers to participate in a contest to win 300 €!

How can you participate? Just create an image for our next official tote bag!

Make a design inspired by the theme "Sound + Moving Images"
Feel free to experiment, your Work has to be a maximum size of 25cm x 25cm at 300 dpi
The design must be done in one color. It will be used for screen printing on the bag so it should not contains gradients.
Send your work to Delivery deadline, April 29th.

The works will be reviewed by our team (Live SoundTracks & Sonigram) to choose the winner who will be announced on May 4th. Feel free to spread the word with your creative friends ;)

The winner will receive 300€ and his or her design will be printed on the official tote bag of LiveSoundTracks & Sonigram

LiveSoundtracks at "Eina a las 8"
08/04/2016 - 20:00

On April 14, LiveSoundtracks will be presented at EINA, Universitary Center of Design and art, within the program "EINA a les 8"

Anna Mastrolitto, director and founder of LiveSoundtracks, and invited artist Jaime L.Pantaleón, along with the composer Jesús Díaz, will talk about the professional world of soundtracks, giving the clues to success in one of the more valued and intangle aspects in the world of cinematography. Also, some shortmovies made during the Black Factory Cinema's masterclass "Filming Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami" will be showed accompanied with live music by Jaime L. Pantaleón.

LST @ festival Ull-nu, Andorra
25/02/2016 - 22:15
On February 27, LiveSoundtracks has the honor to present the performance of the musician Jaime L. Pantaleón, who will be revisiting “The Up: looking for the night”, one of the films awarded in the “LST Poetry in the darkness” open call. The live show will be held within the context of the UII-Nu Festival (Andorra).
Jaime has collaborated with LiveSoundtracks in a number of occasions, musicalizing George A. Romero’s “The night of the living dead” (Movistar LiveSoundtracks Festival, Barcelona - April 2015) and providing live music to a series of short movies made during the masterclass “Filming in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami” (roBOt Festival, Bologna, October 2015). He also has directed a soundtracks composition workshops for children held in Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona, December 2015)
“The Up: Lookin’ for the nite” (lenght: 27 min) directed by Gregory Hervelin, follows the story of a man in his nocturnal search for drug and frenzy. It was conceived originally by Hervelin together with his musical partner Gaël Barbieri. It will presented in the Ull-Nu Festival under the reinterpretation from the composer Jaime L. Pantaleón. 
LST unveils its lineup for the upcoming cycle: LST Poetry in the Darkness
29/12/2015 - 16:45

LST’s new series of events will be held between January and May  2016, on the third Tuesday of every month. The events will be held in the Sala Hiroshima  in Barcelona, Time Out Barcelona 2015 winner for best innovative project.

Five international artists will present performances in which, following LiveSoundtracks’ philosophy, the esthetic of cinema meets the paradigm of live electronic music.

Three female and two male performers form a lineup which seeks to explore the international  music scenes with electronic music acts ranging from experimental and industrial, all the way to ambient and noise sounds: Samuel Kerridge (UK) feat. Taylor Burch, Deena Abdelwahed (TN), Rabih Beaini (RL), Kyoka (JP), AGF (DE).

LST presents the cycle 'Poetry in the Darkness' and announces a call for cinematographic works submissions
17/11/2015 - 22:00

For the coming cycle "Poetry in the Darkness" (Barcelona, January -May 2016), LiveSountracks invites artists and directors to submit material  connected to the cycle’s theme, which will inspire the creation of a new soundtrack and its live performance by one of the LST musicians.

Music offer will include electronic music acts ranging from experimental and industrial, all the way to ambient and noise sounds. The full line-up will be announced on December 15th during the event presentation at the Sala Hiroshima.

LST Poetry in the Darkness is co-curated by Antye Greie, aka AGF, German artists, poet, producer, and, above all, tireless creator of experimental interdisciplinary performances, all of which have music in common.

The cycle of performances will be supported by 5 workshops called “Soundtrack Composition: new trends and topics in soundtrack composition” led by Jesús Díaz of Making Music in Silence


LST @ roBOt festival, Bologna
15/09/2015 - 12:15

LiveSoundtracks #1: Lena Willikens  - live set on Japanese Girls at the Harbor (directed by Hiroshi Shimizu).

On one side we have one of the most gifted talents around today, Lena Willikens, with her ability to intertwine styles, stories and dancefloor geometries into something which never fails to surprise and entertain; on the other we have a masterpiece of japanese cinema, “Japanese Girls At The Harbour” by Hiroshi Shimizu, a silent film shot in 1933, whose beauty and innovative style is still intact today.

They met during the spanish project LiveSoundtracks, for the creation of a live soundtrack and the result is a little gem now ready to shine at roBOt Festival.


LiveSoundtracks #2 and Black Factory Cinema: Jaime L. Pantaleón - live set on 7 shorts from the masterclass Filming in Barcelona with Abbas Kiarostami

An omnivorous musical mind, from jazz to post rock, to metal and indie - always original, always carrying a particular and unpredictable touch. Jamie L. Pantaleón is a volcano of ideas, and some of these have been “captured” by the LiveSoudtracks project which asked the spanish musician to undertake a live soundtrack of seven shorts produced in Barcelona during a masterclass conducted by Abbas Kiarostamo, one of the masters of contemporary cinema. The result is a compounded, fascinating and multifaceted soundtrack which Jamie is now ready to present as a world premiere at roBOt.